What we do...

EDI provides secure, legal and compliant electronic document delivery solutions. EDI offers document delivery via email, fax, web, SMS and various other mobile platforms..

Whether you need to send out invoices or statements, payslips or newsletters, EDI will provide you a tailored solution all while saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.

EDI offers a robust purpose built platform capable of processing up to 20 000 documents a minute in 128bit encrypted PDF format, with the option of password protection.

Our clients include financial institutions, telecom, retail, insurance, marketing, manufacturing and government agencies.

How we do it...

EDI obtains its source data from existing print streams within your organisation in numerous formats.

Once the data has been received it is converted into a secure PDF, and where necessary merged with you companies corporate ID stationary. Using our exceptional optimisation and compression methods the PDF files are a fraction of the size of regular PDF files.

Each document processed is then assigned a unique profile containing specific information that defines rules and parameters for delivering the document. Additional attachments such as workable copies of your secure documents, marketing and promotions campaigns are added and then distributed via email, fax, web, SMS and other mobile platforms.

PDF is the most widely use electronic document format today. EDI has vast experience with this file format and utilises PDF encryption eliminating the need for your client to download additional software to decrypt your secure documents.